"31 Days of Halloween": Day 1

As you know from my earlier post, I want to wear a costume every day. So today I decided to try out my huge army coat I got from my dad (he got it during his period of selling army surplus clothing and reconditioned boots), which despite being U.S., in my opinion it makes me think of something a stereotypical Nazi Officer might wear.

I was originally going to wear this to McDonalds with my younger Nathan, but he got super-pissed (he doesn’t like my abnormal clothing and behavior when in public) and made me take off the coat. So I ended up just wearing my Russian sailor sleeveless shirt and khaki adventurer shirt that was underneath, along with the Czech army hat I have from Cesky Krumlov.

He didn’t seem to mind my big fuzzy striped socks though:

Later on after coming home I put the coat on, and decided to see if my old Bavarian hat might added “German-ness” to help push that it’s a Nazi Officer and not just a guy in an awesome coat. (Note that I’m not categorizing all Germans as Nazis, it’s just that this hat comes from that time period and Nazi officers were Germans mostly. Plus I’m German and Hungarian, so I wouldn’t be surprised if at least some of my recent ancestors were Nazis during that period.) 
Again with the Czech hat:

And this hat makes me think a bit of the hats worn by Hasidic Jews, so I was silly and decided to make a funny face at the notion of wearing a supposedly “Jewish” hat with a supposedly “Nazi” outfit.

Then I broke out my gas mask, which I knew would make the outfit way better regardless of if it says “Nazi Officer” or not.
Combined with that hat, I think it looks good too:

And then I made a silly silly face while having the camera on a timer to take a shot right as I pulled off my gas mask, just to see what it’d look like:

Silly silly stuff.

So yeah. Hopefully I’ll go hang out tonight and I’ll wear this out somewhere.

Also all my followers should give me suggestions for costumes to wear. I also want to do multiple costumes in a day when I can. 

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